About us

We at dutchoven.com produce handmade, unique, Dutch, high-quality gardenstoves in our own workshop. None of our stoves are exactly identical due to the handlabor.  The big difference between a garden stove and a garden fireplace is the presence of a lockable door. Our doors are fitted with a heat-resistant window, so that you can always enjoy the flames. By ensuring sufficient oxygen supply in combination with an optional chimney valve, this outdoor heater can be very well regulated and has a very high efficiency and lower wood consumption compared to a garden fireplace (without a door).

Our patio heaters can also be used as BBQ, grills and as pizza ovens. You can also bake delicious sandwiches or make marshmellows in them. Note: The lifespan of our heaters is high: we use an average wall thickness of 3-4 mm steel, the heaters are blasted and are then coated with 3 layers of heat-resistant paint. Our heaters have a removable pipe and can be transported in a normal car. We supply chimney systems so that you can place your stove under a roof or even in a shed.

We are a member of the Dutch “Koninklijke Metaalunie” (“Royal Metal Union”) and apply its terms of delivery and offer a guarantee.  Visit us on Pinterest, where you can also find us under our Dutch name dekachelman.nl

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on your Dutch stove.

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