High quality garden heater

We at dutchstove™ will be happy to be your garden stove specialist!

  • We have been making high-quality unique handmade garden heaters for years.
  • We produce on a small scale and also provide high-quality handmade solutions for your terrace.
  • We offer garden stoves at competitive prices.
  • You can also use our Dutch stoves as BBQ or pizza ovens.
  • We will be happy to advise you on a suitable solution for your terrace.
  • Shipping: We ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, and most of the European Union.
  • Shipping cost may vary from 89 to 169 euros. Delivery time: Timeframe of delivery will be 5-10 days on the average.
  • Now you can also bring atmosphere and warmth to your terrace!

Enjoy your garden heater even in winter

By placing a garden heater or patio heater you will notice that you will sit outside more often and for a longer time. Our experience is that even at temperatures below 10 degrees we can reach a pleasant temperature. With our Dutchstove you can easily enhance the pleasure of outdoor live.

Difference garden fireplace and our Dutchstove

The main difference between a garden fireplace and our Dutchstove is the presence of a lockable door with a window made of Robax heat-resistant glass. With a closed door, the efficiency and the combustion temperature increase enormously. Moreover, it is much safer to be able to close the door of the oven. Our garden heater is equipped with sufficient oxygen supply for an optimal combustion. We assemble hinges with brass pins so that they cannot rust.

Enjoy cooking outside with your stove

From our first stoves in 2006 we have regularly developed novelties for the outdoor cook. In addition to enjoying the wood fire, you can use almost all models as BBQs. Our heaters are equipped with supports on which you can place a BBQ grill. A pizza stone also fits on these same supports. We have produced the Brander Special since 2019. It can be used as a lockable oven to bake bread and pizzas, for example. This stove can also be equipped with many diffferent accessories so that you can also use it as a smoke oven, pizza oven and grill. You can even place a Dutch oven in it. In this way, outdoor baking becomes a real party! A nice feature for the children: make marshmellows or bake bread with dough on a stick. For the real outdoor cooking and baking enthusiast, we also sell sandwichtongs and hamburger tongs with long handles. Did you know that you can smoke delicious sausages, eel or a piece of salmon by hanging them in the stovepipe?

Optimized woodburning

We would advise you to use wood that is more finely chopped than usual. Besides it should be completely dry. The lighter types of wood are easier to burn than the somewhat heavier types of wood. In the garden stove you can therefore perfectly light the lighter wood such as birch and pine. The types of beech and oak are also very suitable, if dry. Our Dutchstove is equipped with no less than 12 openings for the oxygen supply. Because there is a surplus of oxygen and there is also a good mix with the fuel, an extremely high temperature can be achieved, especially with the door closed. These temperatures are much higher than those with the wood-burning stove inside your house. Temperatures above 600 degrees are no exception. The stove can even glow into cherry red. You do not have to worry about melting. This only occurs when the steel becomes white hot and the temperature is well above 1500 degrees.

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